Welcome to the Crowdfunding Guide for Social Entrepreneurs! I’m excited to have you sign up for this course.

My name is Patch, the founder and CEO of The Spark Project, a crowdfunding website and a community-based in the Philippines. We help creative conscious entrepreneurs like you to raise the funds and build a community around your work. If you’re looking to do just that, you’ve come to the right place!

I started The Spark Project in 2013 and since then we have sparked a variety of projects ranging from product-based startups, heritage and social enterprises, creatives in music and film, and cause-driven organizations. As each year passes, more and more creators find crowdfunding as their chosen launchpad to greater opportunities.

The cool thing about crowdfunding is that it offers a smart and creative way for project creators to engage with their supporters while raising the funds they need to make it happen.

But as much as people find this innovative way of raising funds really cool, the fact is most projects do not succeed in crowdfunding. This happens because most project creators fail to plan properly and lack the right mindset. Don’t let this happen to you.

We’ve prepared this course to help you plan your crowdfunding campaign. In the next five sessions, we shall be sending you quick lessons and actionable exercises that will help set you up for success. We recommend that you commit 1-2 hours without any distractions to complete this course. 

Our sessions will cover essential topics that will help you embark on your crowdfunding journey. This includes getting started, setting goals, crafting your crowdfunding campaign, pre-launch preparations, and rallying your crowd.

To help you through this course, we've prepared a workbook for you. It contains activities, worksheets, our crowdfunding canvas, and a checklist. This will come in handy as you go through each session.

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